Inner Child Connection

Hello beautiful souls! Today I want to dive in and talk about our relationship with our “inner child”. 

What am meaning by “inner child” you ask?

What I’m referring to is an essence that rests at the center of each of our hearts. Your inner child is the essence and root of who you are, your purest form, free of judgement, and anything that isn’t pure joy, love, & support. When you connect with this part of yourself you exude the truest form of yourself. 

Take a moment and remember the fondest memory of your childhood. Take yourself back to that moment in time- remember the smells, sounds, and feelings that you had in this moment. For me, I am always brought back to memories of me running around playing with my friends outside my house. I come back to the feeling of the sun on my face, as I am filled with the joy and exhilaration of playing with my closest friends, feeling carefree, loved, and relaxed.

Coming back to these moments, remembering feeling so simple, happy, and pure connects you to that essence that is STILL within you!

It’s a reset in a sense, connecting you back to your heart center where your inner child resides ♥️

Your inner child wants you to know, your loved, supported, and connected to the simplicity of life. Your inner child is always here to bring you back to this sacred truth.

What can I do with all this information now, you ask?

Well, you can begin to be mindful and aware of when you are connecting with your inner child. What brings you back to those moments of feeling whole and free? Those are the moments of inner child connection.

Also having an awareness of if your inner child needs nurturing is important as well. This in turn means that YOU  are needing exactly that- nurturing. You may be having an off day, feeling overwhelmed, cranky, and not heard. This is the perfect opportunity to connect to your inner child. You can do so by taking a few mindful breaths, focusing on your heart, and asking yourself what you need in this moment to feel nurtured and cared for? Wait, and listen to see what your inner child has to share with you.

Connecting with your inner child isn’t anything complex, all it takes is tuning in, and taking a moment to connect, trusting, and waiting for the guidance to flow through- and trust me it will 🙂

Some other ways you can connect with your inner child:

As you strengthen your inner child connection, you are strengthening your heart- remember that this week as you laugh, play, and embrace all that life gifts you 🙂

For deeper inner child healing and connection click on the link below to be taken to my Inner Child Guided Meditation

How do you connect with your inner child? Have any questions feel free to reach out, I’d love to talk more!

Much love,


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