3 ways to bring Energy Healing into your Everyday Life ✨

Since consciously coming across the power of energy healing in 2017 my life was forever changed. I was awed to learn the power within each of our souls to channel and work on our personal energy field. I knew energy healing called to me the minute I heard about it, and after receiving my first attunement; I was sold- and knew this is something I must dive headfirst, all into. And that’s just what I did. I became a part of the beautiful spiritual healing community in my town Long Beach, NY and I feel that the rest has all been stardust 💫

It wasn’t until receiving my reiki 2 attunement this year that I felt the deep pivoted tug within my heart and soul, that showed me, that this is the work I am meant to be doing. I am learning more and more everyday that energy healing is so much more than just hands on healing sessions, it’s about bringing the intention and frequency of healing into anything and everything you do.

Which brings me back to why I am writing this for you today! I am wanting to share with you a secret that took me a while to sink in… you don’t need anybody to begin healing, other than yourself. Yes, other healers and support systems are great, but today I am talking about the power knowing within your soul that their is a healer within your soul, and it’s YOU 🌟

And drumroll, now I present…. 🥁

3 Ways To Bring Energy Healing into your everyday life

  • Change your relationship with water 💦

Think about water for a moment, how big it’s presence is in your life. From the moment you wake to the moment you sleep this powerful element provides you with cleansing, hydration, and so on!

Water is literally a cleanser as it cleans our bodies when we are dirty, and now I want you to acknowledge water as an energy cleanser as well. Whether you are conscious of it or not, when you shower, bathe, or swim don’t you leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and uplifted? That’s because, as I said before whether you are conscious of it or not, water will cleanse your energy when submerged by it!

How cool, huh?

Now that you have some background I want to give you an exercise:

🌀When you first wake up in the morning, wash your face with some water, as you do so feel the water cleansing your energy field. Recharging you, and cleansing you as to remind you today is a new day, a fresh start to show up as your authentic soul, however that may be. As the water hits your face invision your cells, and molecules, and core of your being now cleansed.

After you cleanse your face, and pat it dry take a glimpse in the mirror and take a moment to admire the radiant soul looking back at you. Take 3 deep breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth, feel your feet planted firmly on the ground and know that you are now charged up and ready to take on anything and everything, all with the assistance of some cleansing water. How easy was that?

This can be done with warm or cold water, with soap or without, YOUR intention is what is the most important aspect of this exercise.

This same healing intention can be brought into any activity in which the water element is present! Get creative… you can heal while drinking a refreshing glass of lemon water, giving thanks as you feel the water moving through your body, and so on!

  • Visualize Your Healing 🧿

This is one of my favorite things to share, in regards to personal healing. We visualize so much in our life, from our dream vacation, to what our next plan for the future is- why not add some energy healing into the mix?

Now, this exercise I am going to share can be done with your eyes open or closed, the only catch is that you be in a quiet space where you can spend 2 minutes focused on YOU✨

🌬Visualize the top of your head, radiating a white cleansing glow, as feel your ever present divinity and relationship to God and the universe. You are connected, you have faith, you are divinely Guided.

🔮Move your visualization down to the space between your brow, radiating a powerful purple hue, as you feel your connection to your deep inner knowing. You are intuitive, you are wise, you are seen.

🧿Now, visualize a rich blue color at your throat space filling you with the power to speak and know your truth. You are truthful, you are brave, you are heard.

💚Begin to move this feeling down to your heart space, embodied by a loving emerald green energy empowering you to know the love you have for yourself and others knows no bounds. You are loved, you give love, and you receive love with ease.

🌞 Now, visualize golden rays filling your upper abdomen with inner strength and wisdom radiating the same warmth and power as the sun. You are confident, you are strong, you are powerful.

💥Begin to move this feeling to your lower abdomen, embodied by an empowering orange hue filling you with the energy of creation and empowerment. You are a divine creator, you are empowered, you are one with your soul.

🌹Now, visualize tones of red moving down to the space at the base of your spine filling you with feelings of safety, comfort, and grounding energy. You are safe, you are grounded, and you are rooted in your values.

Begin, to bring awareness back to your body as you come out of this healing you gave yourself using the power of visualization and color ✨

How do you feel?

YOU did that my friend, you just healed your aura, your energy, and your chakras… powerful, huh? Oh, yea, baby! And this is just the beginning.


    Intention is Everything

By now, I hope you see the power that is within YOU, all you have to do is get quiet, go inward, and access it ⚡️

Now, I want to focus on one last important aspect to bringing the power of energy healing into your everyday life.


Honor and practice this, and just watch the magic that comes into your life.

Let me elaborate, when I talk about intention I am talking about your thoughts and expressions towards something.

Let me give an example, for some resting and watching Netflix is a favorite pastime. It can be seen in a few different ways due to the intention that goes along with this activity. If one has the intention to rest and recharge with the gift of letting your mind rest while watching Netflix that is a positive intention. While, on the other hand if ones intention to watch Netflix is to numb and escape reality who is that benefiting? You see where I’m going?

So, if you have the intention to reset your energy while driving home listening to your favorite song- you will heal yourself. If you want to bring joy and abundance into your life, bring that intention to the act of you organizing your wallet.

Your power & possibilities are endless 💫

Can’t wait to hear about what healing you bring into your life 🌟

Much love,


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