7 Days of Soul Love // Day 1

Day 1: A Soulful Kinda Love ♥️

To begin Day 1 of the challenge I want to begin talking about what this challenge is allll about: SOUL LOVE, baby!

What is soul love you ask? Well it’s my favorite type of love, for starters. It’s the type of love that can uplift and shift you in the grandest of ways, nurture you in a way only you know how; and most importantly it heals.

The soul love you have for yourself is capable of healing you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Having soul love for yourself is when you show up for yourself, even on the days you don’t think you have it in you, but care for yourself anyway. Soul Love is messy, beautiful, and YOU at your core. True, authentic, vulnerable, YOU.

When I talk about soul love, I am not talking about a state of enlightenment that you have to mediate for 11 hours to achieve. Soul love is an attainable state of consciousness, that is already within you- whether you can feel it or not. It is here, ready to conquer life with ease, joy, and love right alongside you.

The purpose of this challenge is to open your mind and heart, while in turn assisting you in opening and releasing blocks that are keeping you from your soul love.

Below I have shared a soul opening practice that I have found helps me blossom my soul love for myself so beautifully, as I know it will do for you!🌷

Before we dive into alll the goodies below I want you to know:

Wherever you are on your soul love journey- whether you and your soul are Bffs, you’re just rekindling your relationship, or you don’t even know what your soul is, you are exactly where you are meant to be- right here, your whole, true self. That is the essence of your soul- and what we are going to connect to right now…

Begin to take 3 centering deep breaths, in through your nose out through your mouth and now…

Look over the prompts below, and take a moment to mediate on one that resonates with you the most…

🌟Where am I in my soul love journey?

🌟What does the soul love for mean to me?

🌟What is a way I can best support my personal soul love journey?

🌟What do I love most about my soul?

Whatever your response is, jot it down in your journal, let it go from your mind, and center it in your heart.

Soul Expanding Exercise:

Grab paper and your fave pen and begin to set the vibe by going to a quiet space, getting comfy, and still.

We will now be writing a love letter to ourselves. 💌

Doing this is one the most powerful ways, that rekindles the deeply intuitive love you have for yourself as soon as your pen hits the paper.

Not sure where to begin? Here’s an idea of what I would write to myself….

Dearest Kathrin,

Oh, how I love you. Your souls love knows no bounds, and your beauty is radiant. I am so proud of where you are in your journey of life, your kicking ass and taking names and I couldn’t be prouder of you. I am so proud of how hard you work to make your dreams come true, and I love that you always make sure I have time to rest and recharge, too. I’m always here to love you and support you- all you need to is turn inward and I’m here ♥️


It can be as simple or grandiose as you please, all that is crucial here is that you don’t hold back what is wanting to be written. As soon as you hold the pen in your hand, your soul will guide you- trust me!

Once your letter has been written, reread it once in your head or out loud to truly let yourself feel and acknowledge the love and wholeness that is within you. Once you’ve reread it- seal it, and keep it somewhere you will cherish it and remember it’s presence.

This love letter to your soul is a symbol of your wholeness- and meant to be their for you in times of when you need that as a reminder💓

Now, I would love to share with you…

Goddess Wisdom

Curated soul love advice spoken directly from some of my grandest inspirations! Today’s goddess is…

Shanna Tyler

Shanna is a mega girl boss! She is driven, creative, funny, life and business coach rooted in her authentic self and that radiates through her presence! Her instagram is killer, always sharing her tips and tricks how to stay healthy, happy, and in pursuit of her dreams while living a balanced life! ⚡️

Her goddess wisdom to share is…

Hello, you beautiful soul! It’s time to find a “self-love pocket” time every single day. A self-love pocket is a designated amount of time that you honor yourself and what you need for the day. This time can be in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Set aside 15-60mins of this time to do any of the following: visualization, affirmation, and/or resting.
Visualization: Close your eyes, breathe in and out, and visualize what you want in your future, whether that’s a beautiful apartment or a full client roster. This will get you in the best, calm state. 
Affirmation: Come up with a list of “I am” statements that you need to hear. For example, mine are “I am worthy. I am valuable. I am consistent.” I say these throughout my self-love pocket of time and these statements help me get in the self-love feels. 
Rest: Prioritize this time to rest, put your phone in a different room and disconnect from your laptop. Rest your digital mind and if you have to rest your physical body. Do so! Take a power nap to refuel. When we prioritize our rest, it is our way of showing love to ourselves. 
Are you ready for that self-love pocket? Write down what time you’re going to commit to each day for your activities, either above or any others that are self-loving for you!” 

How to connect with Shanna:

📲Follow her on Instagram: @shannatyler

🎙Listen to her podcast: Self Soul Sport

💻Get her E-book: Get It Done!

*I have a copy of it and it has upped my skill set major 🔑 with all her tools she gives! A must for any entrepreneurs looking more ways on how to get it done!

Hope you enjoyed todays email all about the healing power of soul love! ♥️🙏🏻

It is my greatness intention to help you bring the love you have for yourself to the surface and expand that into every aspect of your life!

I’ll pop back into your inbox tomorrow to talk a little something about up-leveling 😏⚡️💫

Much love,


P.S. Any questions or comments? Call me beep me, if you wanna reach me, by going back and hitting reply to this email!

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