7 Days of Soul Love // Day 2

Welcome to Day 2: A Soulful Upgrade ⚡️

Diving right in today, I want to talk about honoring the sacredness of your soul 💫

What does that look like you ask?

For me, I see is it as honoring the sacredness of our own soul by showing up and asking ourselves if we are truly taking care of soul? This can also be asked by the question are you showing up as your authentic self?

This can be from simply asking yourself questions like…

  • are you lacking daily self care?
  • what can you add or take away from your life to make yourself happier, healthier, and at ease?

Asking yourself these type of questions is crucial to expanding your soul love ❤️

With that being said I now ask you…

⭐️What ignites you?

⭐️What’s one step you can take TODAY to make your dreams come true?

⭐️Are you following what lights you up?

⭐️What is your greatest potential?

Take some time to let these questions fill your heart, and wait for the response for your answer.

You can journal your thoughts, meditate to them, whatever feels right for you!

These are some deep questions I know- but this is the powerful work we are doing ⚡️

As the answers to these questions come to surface write them down, make an action plan, and as you listen to the answers to these questions, and open your heart, you will begin to notice follow that your energy begins to shift as your acknowledging what lights you up⭐️

As lovely as pampering yourself through face masks and nice nails can be for our soul, their is a true POWER that comes in asking yourself these tough questions that awaken and expands something within your core!

And if you’re already following your souls dreams- amazing, give yourself compassion then, in honoring that you know your worth and your willing to act accordingly.

Know that great strength is shown in both of those stages of soul love ♥️

When you feel anxiety or fear // I believe that is our souls indicator that we to be shaken up, make a change, and realigned back on our paths of becoming-

How does that resonate with you? You may be asking, what does such realignment look like?

It look something like…

honoring that life is a process,

that our souls journey is a process, and

taking time everyday to remind your center that you have the choice to

⭐️REST &


⭐️And tell yourself:

“I am becoming more myself everyday- just as the sun RISES every morning, so do I” 🌅

Soul Expanding Exercise

Because today has been full of us processing our thoughts, heart space, and state of our energy // I’m going to keep our soul expanding exercise of the day short and sweet ✨

Taking Inventory:

Grab a paper and pen

Take a moment and begin to center yourself by taking 4 deep breaths in through your nose, and out through your mouth

Write down…

What helps me rise on one side of paper ~

Fill this portion out with everything that makes your spirit rise… dancing, reading, singing, resting, painting, etc!

What makes me fall on the other side ~

Fill this portion out with compassion and the knowing that what you are writing down you are simply surrendering to the fact that this no longer serves you… whether it be mindlessly scrolling on social media, judgment, anger, etc!

I’m having you write this stuff down to acknowledge that your soul has the answers to what you need to thrive, rise, and expand into the most radiant version of yourself 💓

All you need to do is tap in and listen!

This will be your cheat sheet from now on when you need a reminder what works and what doesn’t. Keep it in a safe space to look back on later.

Goddess Wisdom

Now… without further ado I would like to share our goddess contributor for today…

Alley of Alleycat Reiki

Alley is a reiki energy healer, a meditation creator, and all around bad ass soul! Alley connects to her divine creator within and also creates reiki infused bath bombs, candles, and oil infusions. She is connected to her intuition, connected to her truth, and that radiates from her spirit. I am honored to know her 🙏🏻

Alley’s goddess wisdom to share is….

Many of us struggle with loving ourselves. In today’s society we are constantly bombarded with messages about things to nitpick about ourselves and impossible (often photoshopped) images of fake perfection. Here is a simple but incredibly effective exercise you can do to promote self love.

For 10 minutes each day, stand in front of a mirror. Preferably naked and preferably full length. Look at your entire body. Thank your body for all it does for you, all that you are able to do with it. Admire every inch of your skin, every curve and muscle and dimple.

Appreciate the face staring back at you. Say out loud, “I love you, [your name].” Say it until you feel it. It may not happen on the first day; you may even break down cry when you do this and that’s OK—this is your mind and soul releasing all of the toxic and negative thoughts you have about yours.

To connect with Alley:

📲Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: @alleycatreiki

🎙Listen to her podcast: Alleycat’s Corner

🕯 Purchase her reiki infused candles, bath bombs, and more on her site: alleycatreiki.com

Soulful Musings

How’s up-leveling your soul feel? Pretty crazy, right? To know that YOU have the guidance, wisdom, and intuitive POWER to create, embrace, and live the life of your dreams!🙏🏻⚡️

Taking these steps to:

•show yourself soul love, through love letter writing &

•writing out what’s working and what’s not

Shows me, you are RISING, you are EMBRACING, and you are LIVING your life with soul love in mind, which, come on! Isn’t that what life is all about 💛

If you have any questions or comments feel free to pop into my inbox by hitting reply! I’d love to hear from you ☺️

Sending you love, strength, and infinite blessings ✨


P.S. Catch you in your inbox tomorrow! Can’t wait to talk alll about energy ✨💫⚡️

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2 thoughts on “7 Days of Soul Love // Day 2

  1. Thank you, Kathryn. I am keeping my rising and fall note with me. Anytime my mind set begins to change I will read the note. I have looked in the mirror but not fully. Just reading about what to do have me tears! Thank you for this and your beautiful soul.

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