7 Days of Soul Love // Day 3

Day 3: Your Souls Magic 🌟

Hey there, you intuitive, radiant, and beautiful, soul!

I am here today to share the breakdown of our chakras and how we can harness their energy to take our soul game to the next level ⚡️

As an energy healer and intuitive since learning the power of our energy centers has changed everything for me, and as I hope it will for you too 😉

The break down:

To begin, let’s remember the simple basis: everything is energy.

The way I like to visualize and understand how we work as energetic beings, is that our energy reflects and embodies how we are feeling in the present moment within our soul.

Similarly, when we are off or feeling stuck- that is an embodiment of our energy. If we are holding onto the past, overthinking, or living in fear- your energy will reflect this and feel off, which is turn will make you feel anxious until you make a change to align back with your most authentic self. This change can be you having to feel and work through feelings of doubt or lack, whatever is unique to you. When your energy, and in turn your energy centers (chakras) are in alignment- we radiate love, opportunity, abundance, and joy!

Our chakras are energy centers within our body. They are our energies way of sharing with us if we’re on our baseline, or what we can do to compassionately realign. Each chakra has a specific focus that it embodies.

Now that I’ve explained the basics, let’s get to the good stuff!

I’m gonna go ahead and share in depth about each chakra, how they play into your life, and my favorite practices you can do to honor and align your chakras everyday and maximize the magical energy that are within each of these energy centers.

Root Chakra

This red energy center houses your roots, your values, what makes you feel safe, and nurtured.

Connected: When you are connected to your root chakra you feel secure, safe, and grounded. You will carry out all your tasks with ease and the inner knowing because when your rooted in your truth, you are unstoppable!

Blocked: when your root chakra is off, you will feel scattered, anxious, and defensive. When you are not honoring your values, you will feel scattered and defensive, because you need to unblock this chakra by changing the course of your actions in honoring your roots, your values, and what makes you whole. That is just one simple example of how a chakra energy blockage can play out in your life.

Cleansed: How you can cleanse and unblock this chakra, is by getting grounded, literally.

Eating root vegetables, walking on the earth barefoot, getting clear on your values, and letting go of anything that doesn’t align with your authentic self with open with energy center.

Sacral Chakra

This orange energy center houses your sacred sexual energy, your relationships, your creativity and your pleasure center.

Connected: As you can see by the 🔥, when you’re connected sacral chakra you bring major heat. You are aligned in your relationship with yourself and others when centered in this energy. Joy and balanced pleasure exude from your soul when aligned with this energy. Knowing you are a creator, life force, and authentically YOU make you a force to be reckoned with.

Blocked: when your sacral chakra is out of alignment, you will feel unoriginal, over-indulgent, and disconnected.when you aren’t honoring the divine creator within you, doing what you love, or are escaping life through overindulgence, you are creating congestion in this energy center. Honoring and accepting all that makes you authentically, uniquely you are meant to radiate from your soul. Let your true self show up, regardless of what anyone else is doing. Focus on your inner flame within you.

Cleansed: ways to cleanse and unblock this chakra center can be through getting your creative energy out through art, dance, song, however you feel called. Other ways to cleanse this energy center is by calling in what your desire, write down and honor your dreams and make the a reality! Listening to what your body and soul is longing for is another beneficial practice to open this energy center. Honoring the divine creator within you ignite your 🔥 and makes you unstoppable!

Solar Plexus Chakra:

This yellow energy center is houses your power, strength, self worth, confidence, boundaries, and inner life force energy.

Connected: when this center is aligned and balanced you are a POWERHOUSE⚡️You know your worth, your boundaries, and how to harness that radiance of yours! You know how to equally distribute your power while staying true to your authentic self.

Blocked: when this energy center is blocked you are being run by your ego. Your thoughts, words, and actions fueled by fear and doubt. When this energy center is blocked you feel powerless and taken advantage of.

Cleansed: to cleanse this energy center it is allll about going inward. Getting still, quiet, and centered to move through your feelings of lack of doubt moves mountains in removing any blocks of this chakra.

Heart Chakra

This green energy center is all about L-O-V-E. Communicating from the heart and honoring that you deserve to be loved and give love in return is what this chakra is all about. 💚

Connected: when your heart chakra is aligned and centered you are calm, at peace, and an open vessel of love and compassion.

Blocked: when this energy center is blocked you feel alone, isolated, and fear driven. You may literally be able to feel your tight, closed heart.

Cleansed: to cleanse and realign this energy center, place your hands over your heart and take 11 deep breaths. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Visualizing your heart opening, softening, and relaxing. Gratitude is another powerful heart opening practice.

Throat Chakra:

This blue energy center is all about speaking your truth, being vocal, and connected to the union of your words with the action of using your voice to speak your truth.

Connected: when this energy center is aligned you speak with ease and clarity, using your words as tools of creation, rather than destruction. New, fresh ideas also flow through you when this energy center is balanced.

Blocked: when this energy center is blocked, you feel suppressed, unheard, and not able to speak your truth. Time to step into your truth!

Cleansed: to cleanse and clear this energy center speak up! Speak your truth, flex your voice muscle, sing your favorite song, take deep breaths in through your nose and out your mouth. Getting things off of your chest is also a powerful cleansing method for this chakra.

Third Eye Chakra

This indigo energy center is all about being connected to your inner knowing, otherwise known as intuition. This energy center is all about trusting your gut, having faith, and honoring the divine synchronicities that are presented to you everyday.

Connected: when connected to this energy center you know trust your inner knowing that you are the divine creator of your life. You are connected to your highest self and the beautiful sense of oneness with the universe and humankind when aligned with this chakra. The epitome of trusting yourself and your divine wisdom within lies here.

Blocked: when this energy center is blocked you are confused and lack trust in yourself and your inner guidance. Time to honor your intuitive self within, go inward, and embody in your divine knowing!

Cleansed: to clean, open, and unlock this energy center saying these affirmations while looking in the mirror honoring, and having faith in your inner knowing will expand your intuitive strength greatly.

🧿 I am intuitive • I am guided • I trust my inner knowing • I honor my center and listen from within 🧿

Your intuition can be also be thought of as a muscle, when you meditate, and take time to go inward you are flexing this muscle expanding your strength, faith, and consciousness.

Crown Chakra

This white and gold infused energy center embodies your connection with our Higher Self and the Divine (God, the Universe, …)

Connected: when this energy center is aligned you exude vibrancy, flow, grace, and are tapped into a higher intelligence and connection.

Blocked: when this energy center is blocked you are spacey, and feel alone unsupported. It is time for you to honor your divine connection to all that is greater than you!

Cleansed: This energy center is my favorite to cleanse and work with, I’m going to share my favorite visualization to open and expand this energy center.

Close your eyes and focus your attention at the crown of your head. See a white light surrounding your crown, filling you with a protective, loving, connection to your connection to the Divine. Stay in this space, feeling what comes up. Now, begin to visualize a golden crown being placed on your head by the Divine. You are centered, you are one, you are guided. Embrace and know that your crown is now on, your faith is strong, and your connection to all is at its height. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale come back into your bodyreleasing all that no longer serves you.

Soul Expanding Exercise:

I am going to take you through a reiki infused guided meditation meant to open, align, and cleanse each of your 7 chakras.

Get comfortable, sitting or lying down in a quiet space where you can be with your soul for 10 undisturbed minutes.

Press Play and let my words carry your soul into a relaxed state of consciousness where immense healing with take place 🙏🏻

After the guided meditation, take a moment to feel your energy now. Feel your awareness of what your energy centers feel like aligned, centered, and cleansed.

In the future, when you feel your energy shift from this center of alignment- check in with your soul and see what shift can be made to come back into alignment. No judgment, just love.

Now, I would love to introduce you to today’s divine…

Goddess Wisdom

Stephanie E.

Reiki master, wellness junkie, & empath. Steph inspires, motivates, and uplifts through her thought provoking captions and stories on Instagram this girl truly reminds you to Stop Drop & Awaken ⚡️

Her goddess wisdom to share is:

I would have to say that I end every day with 2 grounding practices

1) I list at least 11 things that I’m appreciative of, and really feel into the gratitude rather than just autopilot listing.

2) I list the things I’ve accomplished in the day, (no matter if that’s going for a walk or finishing a project for a client) and truly feeling into how proud of myself I am at the end of a day.

For high achievers like me, it’s easy to go to bed feeling like you didn’t do or accomplish enough in a day. Going to sleep with that feeling means you wake up with the feeling, and it can turn into an ongoing cycle of “not enough-ness.”

When you write even the littlest things down on paper, you tend to realize that you did a whole lot more than you gave yourself credit for, and it’s time to relax 🙂

❤️ Show yourself the appreciation you deserve!

How to connect with Steph:

📲 Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @stopdropawaken

💻 Check out her site stefanieelsperman.com

Soul Musings

I hope in you opening yourself up to honor your chakras, you experience life with bliss, clarity, and more guidance than before 🙏🏻

I know for me, chakra work has been a game changer in honoring the sacredness of my soul.

Carry on with a deeper knowing and clarity as to why souls become out of alignment. Honor your energy and the radiance you hold, and all you want will magnify to you✨

Until tomorrow, stay golden! 💫

Sending you so much love,


P.S. Tmrw we’re gonna be talking all things spirit team connection ⚡️👼🏼 Angels, Spirit guides, and more! See ya then, it’s gonna be 💥

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